Reconstructive Surgery

Patients with substantial oral cancer, defective abnormalities, or traumatic injury to the face often require reconstructive surgery to restore oral functions and improve quality of life. Simply defined, reconstructive surgery performed by an oral surgeon involves reconstructing or rebuilding damaged structural components of the oral cavity and face. In most cases, reconstructive surgery involves restructuring abnormalities in bone and soft tissues after an extensive injury or substantial defect.


Not to be confused with orthognathic procedures, which are corrective in nature, reconstructive surgery often requires the replacement of hard and soft tissues to restore a patient’s oral health and ability to regain facial and oral function. Reconstructive surgery is also employed to help a patient regain a normal, healthy appearance—especially those who have suffered extensive trauma or disfigurement. Patients with noticeable disfigurement typically experience a negatively affected concept of self-esteem and self-confidence. To help remedy the psychological impacts of extensive injury and trauma, reconstructive surgery helps patients experience a renewed sense of self and normalcy.  For these reasons, our team strives to not only restore a patient’s oral health but also improve their appearance.


When rebuilding and reconstructing damaged structures, grafting hard and soft tissues from other regions of the body is often necessary. For example, bone grafting involves removing bone from a portion of the body such as the hip or chin and placing it in oral and facial bone to restructure the affected region.


Reconstructive surgery is typically a highly personalized procedure that restores a patient’s appearance and function. Some patients may require a series of procedures over time to achieve total reconstruction. The needs of each patient and their circumstances vary wildly. For this reason, our skilled team of surgeons at Great River Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery will develop treatment tailored to the specific needs of a patient. We treat patients with compassion and dignity. If your dentist or physician has referred you to our office, we welcome you to schedule a consultation and examination with one of our surgeons about reconstructive oral surgery.