Mission Statement

“Our mission is to serve our patients with compassion and respect while providing state-of-the-art oral and maxillofacial surgery in a friendly, safe and professional environment.”

Highly Experienced Surgical Staff

The surgical staff at Great River Oral &  Maxillofacial Surgery are experienced, registered oral and maxillofacial surgical assistants, who assist in the administration of IV sedation and surgery. We also have trained registered nurses (RN’s), who are ACLS and PALS certified who also assist in surgery.

Our staff also includes informed administrative personnel well-versed in health and dental insurance policies and they are also CPR certified.



Quality of Service

We anticipate and meet the needs of our patients with compassion and the highest degree of expertise.


Our patients, colleagues, and co-workers are treated equitably and honestly, and we demonstrate fairness and consistency in our daily activities.


We strive for the highest level of skill and knowledge in the practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery.


We recognize the value of our patients and fellow co-workers and strive to meet or exceed their expectations.


We work willingly and productively with others toward a common objective that satisfies our patients’ needs and meets the goals of the practice.

In Honor of Dr. DeLong, Dr. Williams & Dr. Bee

Dr. Paul E. DeLong

Dr. DeLong retired from oral surgery in 2012. Read more about Dr. DeLong’s history with Great River OMS beginning in 1976.

Dr. Thomas P. Williams

Dr. Williams retired in 2012. Learn more about Dr. Williams history and experience shaping Great River OMS.

Dr. Daryl Bee D.D.S.

Dr. Bee retired from Great River OMS in 2017. Read more about Dr. Bee’s history in oral surgery.

Dr. Andrew Dewitt | Platteville WI | Great River Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. DeWitt retired from Great River OMS in 2020. Read more about Dr. DeWitt’s history with us.