extracting wisdom teethAs your teen grows into their smile, there are certain thing to keep in mind. The development of their last set of molars is one of these, and without the right care, they can cause serious damage to the look and function of their teeth. These molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, typically grow in their later teen years or even their early twenties, and our mouths are often not large enough for them. Extracting wisdom teeth helps to protect their smile from misalignment and damage to their existing teeth. At Great River Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in Dubuque, IA, we understand the importance of maintaining a quality smile, which starts with their first tooth and follows them through adulthood. Teens can often hide their discomfort or pain in order to avoid wisdom teeth extraction, so as a parent, you need to keep them on track. Find out more about this procedure or schedule their appointment by calling our office today!