Enjoy the Foods you Want with Dental Implants

Enjoy the Foods you Want with Dental Implants

dental implants DubuquePatients who have dental bridges or dentures commonly complain that they can no longer chew as well as they could before. Unfortunately, this can mean that patients have to give up some of their favorite foods due to tooth loss.

The limitations of some tooth replacement appliances also can require patients to eliminate some healthy foods from their diets, like fresh fruits and vegetables that are crunchy or nuts that can be difficult to bite into.

Dental implants are a tooth replacement alternative that help patients maintain the diets they had before suffering tooth loss, for the most part.

Dental implants are unique because they are surgically inserted into the jaw by an oral surgeon. The surrounding bone then forms an attachment with the surface of the implant, creating a permanent fixture to replace the missing tooth’s root underneath the gumline.

The structural nature of dental implants helps them to contribute to chewing much in the same way that natural teeth do. Dentures and dental bridges, on the other hand, have no similar structure underneath the gumline, which makes them weaker when it comes to processing food. They can easily be damaged when the patient tries to bite into or chew a food that is too hard for the denture or bridge to process.

Any surrounding natural teeth that remain in your smile will also benefit from dental implants when it comes to chewing, because they won’t have to endure extra forces that can’t be absorbed by the neighboring bridge.

The ability to maintain a varied diet is one of just many advantages associated with dental implants in comparison to other tooth replacement methods. Your oral surgeon can review all of the benefits of dental implants with you.

If you are fearful that tooth loss will result in you cutting out some of your favorite foods, talk to an oral surgeon to learn if dental implants are an appropriate treatment in your case. Dental implants can help you continue to eat a diverse diet, including the foods you enjoy the most.

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