Keeping You Comfortable With Anesthesia

Keeping You Comfortable With Anesthesia

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Our team offers an array of oral surgery procedures to help smiles, from wisdom tooth extraction to dental implant placement. We want to ensure your treatment experience is a positive one, which is why we offer anesthesia. Your Great River Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in Platteville, WI, can use sedation and anesthesia to keep you comfortable.

When a Person May Need Sedation

We can recommend sedation for people who have dental anxiety, special needs or who are undergoing more extensive treatments, such as wisdom tooth extraction. These help people enter a calm and relaxed state. Our team is trained in every aspect of anesthesia administration, receiving training alongside medical residents. We’re ready to help you enjoy a positive experience in our office, even if you have a serious fear of the dentist. We don’t want your anxiety to stand between you and the smile you deserve!

Choosing the Right Option for You

Our team will take several factors into consideration when choosing the right calming agent for you. For example, we will look at your medical history, any medications you’re currently taking, as well as your age, weight, and anxiety levels. We can then choose the best option for you. Your health and safety are always a priority for our team, and we follow strict guidelines and standards.

Our Anesthesia Options

We have a number of different options for you to choose from. To numb a specific area being treated, we could administer local anesthetic. Your local anesthetic could be combined with nitrous oxide, sedation administered through a mask over your nose. You breathe in a gas and enter a calm state, often with no memory of the procedure afterward. But you’re comfortable the entire time! The effects also wear off right away once the procedure ends.

IV sedation is administered intravenously and offers a very deep state of calm. We could use this for those with severe anxiety, or who are undergoing an extraction or dental implant placement. You enter a sleep-like state, and we will monitor you the entire time. The effects take time to wear off, so have someone on hand to bring you home.

Finally, we could receive general anesthesia, in which you enter a very deep state of calm, sleeping through your procedure. We use this for more complex and extensive treatments. We again monitor you the entire time, and the effects take time to wear off, so have someone available to bring you home.

Visit Our Team in Dubuque and Clinton IA, and Platteville, WI!

We would like to help you stay comfortable and relaxed. To learn more about our calming treatment options, contact our team at the Great River Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by calling our Dubuque location at (563) 557-1440, Clinton at (563) 259-4349and Platteville at (608) 348-8955.