Wisdom Teeth Removal Helps to Keep Your Smile Straight

Wisdom Teeth Removal Helps to Keep Your Smile Straight

oral surgery Manchester IAIf you want to preserve the results of your work with your orthodontist, be sure to schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon. Why? Because impacted wisdom teeth can push your teeth out of alignment if you don’t have them extracted.

Impacted wisdom teeth will continue to try to erupt through the gums even though most people’s jaws do not have enough room to accommodate these large teeth. So, if you delay having an oral surgeon extract these teeth, your other teeth may shift in response to the forces from the wisdom teeth. The misalignment may be so severe that it can require a second round of orthodontics.

Of course, impacted wisdom teeth are associated with a number of other risks, as well. It is hard to keep the rearmost portion of the smile clean, so these teeth are more susceptible to infection and abscesses. They are also more likely to develop tumors or cysts, and they can cause significant discomfort as they attempt to erupt.

Therefore, patients benefit in a number of ways beyond keeping their smiles straight when they schedule the oral surgery used for wisdom tooth extraction.

Oral surgery is necessary to extract an impacted wisdom tooth because surrounding bone must first be removed in order to access the wisdom teeth. The procedure is completed within a matter of hours, and patients usually can get back to their regular activities after a couple of days.

This procedure is routine and common, but any oral surgery is associated with certain risks, although many can be managed with proper post-operative care by the patient. Your oral surgeon will educate you about the risks of wisdom tooth extraction and give you instructions to reduce the likelihood of post-operative issues, such as dry sockets.

Having your wisdom teeth removed can maintain a properly aligned, beautiful smile. Come to our office at Great River Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for an evaluation and to learn more about the wisdom tooth extraction treatment process.