How Tooth Implants Have Revolutionized Treatment for Tooth Loss

How Tooth Implants Have Revolutionized Treatment for Tooth Loss

implant dentistry DubuqueJust a few decades ago, patients who suffered tooth loss had to settle for an incomplete replica of their natural teeth that only replaced the crowns of those teeth. The introduction of the small titanium cylinders known as dental implants has revolutionized treatment for tooth loss, making appliances such as dental bridges and dentures far more stable.

Implant dentistry gives patients the option for a structurally complete tooth replacement. After the oral surgeon places a dental implant in the jaw, the surrounding bone forms a strong bond with the device. This osseointegration is possible because titanium is a biocompatible metal, and it results in the implant taking on a root-like structure to support the prosthetic “crown.”

That root-like structure gives an implant-supported appliance a number of characteristics that mimic biological teeth. Therefore, patients who choose implant dentistry for tooth replacement benefit from improved jawbone stability and better chewing function that patients who opt for conventional tooth replacement techniques. Additionally, patients report that implant-supported appliances feel more natural.

Although you do need to undergo a surgical procedure for dental implant placement, your oral surgeon can typically complete the process within a matter of hours. Furthermore, patients usually are able to resume normal activities within a matter of days after getting dental implants.

There are certain conditions that must be met in order for patients to be good candidates for dental implant placement. Your oral surgeon will examine your jaw and take x-rays to determine whether you have enough bone tissue to support osseointegration. If you have inadequate bone, your dental implants may fail prematurely. You will also need to be in good enough health overall to tolerate the surgical dental implant placement procedure, so the surgeon will ask about your medical history.

If you want to benefit from the most advanced tooth replacement technology, schedule an evaluation at our office to learn if dental implants will be an option for you.