Steps to Prevent Facial Injuries

Steps to Prevent Facial Injuries

oral surgery DubuqueMinor facial injuries are sometimes unavoidable. A simple accident can cause bruising, pain, or swelling, but these symptoms can often be managed with easy home treatments that will control or minimize any brief discomfort. Unfortunately, a large percentage of facial injuries are far more severe, many requiring emergency intervention such as oral surgery or facial surgery.

Once an accidental injury occurs, it’s nice to know that there are effective and trusted treatment solutions available, but the most ideal treatment is the effort that you make to prevent an injury from occurring at all.

Sports activities and work-place incidents are the most common causes of facial trauma, but a large percentage of accidents can also occur as the result of an auto accident, a fight, or a playground accident. A facial injury that results from being bitten in the face by an animal is typically more common in small children rather than adults.

Since facial injuries tend to require more complicated treatments than injuries to other parts of the body, preventive steps are even more essential. For example, a blow to the face could result in a broken jaw, a bitten lip, a damaged tooth, and also a concussion.

These types of incidents can often be avoided in a number of various ways. During sports, choose the appropriate protective gear, even if it is not mandatory. A mouth guard, a helmet, and properly fitting padding can protect the delicate tissues and bones of the head and face. In a car, wearing a seatbelt is a must! The protection that a seatbelt provides can save your life and prevent life-altering facial disfiguration.

In the workplace, following the outlined policies and safety procedures, including wearing the designated protective equipment, can greatly reduce your chances of suffering a serious accident. This includes a face shield, safety goggles, or a hard hat, where applicable.

You can protect your children by watching them closely on the playground and at home. Babies should never be left unattended while sitting in highchairs, on swings, or even while using walkers.

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