Sleep Apnea: Will I need to have an overnight sleep study?

Sleep Apnea: Will I need to have an overnight sleep study?

sleep apnea DubuqueSleep apnea is a condition that is misunderstood by many. This is because awareness for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is still relatively new to the public. Sometimes, the symptoms of OSA and other conditions such as chronic snoring can overlap. Moreover, this condition manifests when people are resting and therefore, not consciously aware of their breathing patterns. For these reasons, a sleep study is imperative to an accurate diagnosis. During a sleep study, a person’s breathing and vitals are monitored. If there are interruptions in data that signify apnea during rest, a person can then seek treatment for his or her condition from a dental professional or oral surgeon.

What is sleep apnea exactly?

OSA is a sleep disorder that involves cycles of breathing cessation followed by slight wakefulness. Breathing cessation is caused by relaxed oral tissue collapsing into the airway and blocking it. Episodes of apnea may last up to a minute until the brain sends signals to slightly rouse the body to reinitiate proper breathing.

Why should I get treatment for OSA?

Getting treatment for sleep apnea is necessary to reclaiming your body’s ability to rest properly. OSA will cause severe sleep deprivation over time, when left untreated. This is because the cycle of apnea followed by wakefulness will prevent you from progressing through each stage of sleep naturally. In addition to sleep deprivation, which causes a host of cognitive and mood issues, your oxygen levels and overall wellness will be affected if sleep apnea is not rectified with treatment. If you have sleep apnea or believe you might suffer from it, receiving treatment for it is one of the best investments you can make in your overall health and wellbeing.

What are some of my treatment options?

Treatments for sleep apnea vary. Some patients find relief with the use of oral appliances and therapeutic devices such as CPAP machines while others might require oral surgery to correct abnormalities of soft tissue in the nose and/or mouth. Your treatment options will be determined by your unique oral anatomy and specific needs.

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