How should I prepare for a tooth extraction?

How should I prepare for a tooth extraction?

oral surgery ManchesterIn most circumstances, preparing for a tooth extraction is quite simple. Many extractions are minor oral surgery procedures and most patients enjoy a fast recovery with little disruption in their daily lives. Our oral surgeons provide precise and high-quality extractions including wisdom teeth removals. Following are some helpful tips for preparing for your upcoming oral surgery.

What to Do Before A Tooth Extraction

Before receiving an extraction, we recommend writing down your questions and addressing them with our staff. For example, some patients may wonder how long they should take off from work following their treatment. Asking questions prior to your appointment will help you feel empowered and at ease. Our team believes in providing great patient education and we will be happy to answer any and all of your questions or concerns.

Some patients may need sedatives during their treatment. If sedatives are necessary, patients should arrange for transportation to and from our practice in advance. We recommend asking a friend or family member at least a week ahead of time. It never hurts to double check so we recommend confirming with your driver the day before your appointment. Having someone drive you to your appointment is very important if you will be taking sedatives as these medications impair motor and cognitive function.

After an extraction, your oral surgeon may recommend a liquid diet the days following your procedure with a graduation to soft food. If necessary, you may want to shop for food items prior to your treatment. Feel free to stock up on broth-based or puréed soups along with ingredients to make smoothies or milkshakes. If you have been prescribed medication or we have recommended certain over the counter medications, you will likely want to pick these up before your appointment as well. It’s best to run all essential errands prior to tooth removal so that you can focus on resting in the comfort of your home.

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