Oral Surgery: Preparing for Your First Visit

Oral Surgery: Preparing for Your First Visit

oral surgery DubuqueHas your dentist or family practitioner recommended that you visit an oral surgeon? Perhaps your doctor or dentist has told you that you will likely need oral surgery. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a specialist who provides many treatments including the placement of dental implants, wisdom teeth removal and jaw surgery. If you are visiting our practice for the first time, you might be wondering what you need to do to prepare for your appointment. Following is some helpful information on what to do before you come to see us and what you can expect when consulting with our oral surgeon.

Your First Appointment

In most cases, your first appointment will consist of a consultation and oral examination. Most of the time, your actual oral surgery will be scheduled after our team has developed a treatment plan. A consultation, examination, and review of your previous medical and dental history are necessary for treatments like jaw surgery or the embedding of dental implants. Occasionally, minor procedures may be performed the same day as your initial visit but it is unlikely. 

Your initial visit is a great time to discuss concerns with our team. We may ask about your daily habits, whether you smoke or drink, and your family’s medical history. X-rays and other diagnostic images may be taken as well so that we can prepare a custom treatment plan to suit your needs.

What to Bring the Day of Your Consultation

After you have scheduled your initial appointment, you will need to gather important documents that will assist our team. Following are common items that patients bring on their first visit to our practice:

  • Dental and/or medical insurance cards
  • X-rays from doctors or dentists
  • Photo ID
  • Completed medical forms
  • A list of current medications (both prescription and over the counter)
  • Surgical referral slips

For questions about your initial appointment or to reserve a consultation, call our friendly and caring team at Great River Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at your convenience.