Is your mouth stressed out?

Is your mouth stressed out?

TMJ DubuqueDoes your jaw click or pop when opening your mouth? Do you suffer with facial pain and frequent headaches? These symptoms are common with TMJ disorder. This oral health condition can produce severe discomfort and substantially affect a patient’s quality of life. The treatment for TMJ disorder can vary. This is because many issues can affect the functionality of the temporomandibular (TMJ) joint. If an injury to the jaw or a congenital abnormality is responsible for TMJ dysfunction, our oral surgeons may perform corrective jaw surgery, which can relieve strain on the TMJ and improve a patient’s occlusion for smooth oral function.

What causes TMJ disorder?

While TMJ disorder is a common oral health condition, its causes and severity varies significantly. Common causes of TMJ dysfunction include bruxism, orthodontic problems, and damaged or defected jaws. Stress is also a contributor to TMJ disorder because people tend to clench their jaws when upset or anxious.

What are the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction?

In addition to clicking or popping jaws and facial pain, those with TMJ disorder may also experience earaches and episodes of the jaws locking up. Other indicators of TMJ issues include tooth wear and enamel loss, which may be noticed by your dentist.

How can an oral surgeon help?

Even if surgery is not necessary, a consultation with our experienced team can help identify the cause(s) of TMJ strain and stress. Our practice utilizes the latest diagnostic technology to provide a thorough examination. If the cause of TMJ dysfunction is in fact a problem with the jaws or the joints themselves, corrective oral surgery may be necessary. If surgery is needed, our team takes a very customized approach to planning treatment and we use the most effective and advanced surgical techniques such as arthoscopy and disk replacement.

When treating TMJ dysfunction, our goal is to improve quality of life and oral function. If you are suffering with symptoms related to TMJ dysfunction, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our practice.

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