Impacted Canines: What are my treatment options?

Impacted Canines: What are my treatment options?

oral surgery ManchesterAny tooth can fail to erupt properly and become impacted, not just the wisdom teeth. In fact, impacted canines can have a significantly detrimental effect on your smile’s aesthetics, leaving behind a noticeable gap. Impacted canines can also compromise a patient’s ability to chew properly.

Rather than being extracted, as wisdom teeth would be, the canines need to be guided into the right spot. As is the case with any impacted tooth, oral surgery can help to move impacted canines into the correct position so that the patient’s smile will look better and work properly.

This oral surgery is generally coordinated as part of an overarching orthodontic treatment plan, and the oral surgeon will collaborate with the orthodontist to determine the timing of the surgical procedure.

Typically, the orthodontist will initiate treatment to create sufficient space for the impacted canine. When the orthodontist feels that the patient is ready, the oral surgery appointment will then be scheduled. During the surgical procedure, the surgeon will expose the tooth by removing gingival tissue and, in some cases, bond an orthodontic bracket to the tooth.

As a last step, the surgeon will then suture the gum in place to cover up the appliance. After a brief post-operative healing period, the orthodontist then picks up again to guide the tooth into the correct spot.

The surgery takes place in the oral surgeon’s office and is completed in just a few hours. Patients may need to maintain a soft diet for a few days and then return to the office for a follow-up visit with the surgeon to make sure that the patient is healing as expected.

If you have impacted canines, an orthodontist and oral surgeon can work together to restore a beautiful smile. Your orthodontist may recommend that you consult with one of our oral surgeons in such a scenario. Contact any of our four convenient locations to schedule an initial evaluation.