Extracting Wisdom Teeth For Your Teen’s Oral Health

Extracting Wisdom Teeth For Your Teen’s Oral Health

extracting wisdom teethAs your teen grows into their smile, there are certain thing to keep in mind. The development of their last set of molars is one of these, and without the right care, they can cause serious damage to the look and function of their teeth. These molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, typically grow in their later teen years or even their early twenties, and our mouths are often not large enough for them. Extracting wisdom teeth helps to protect their smile from misalignment and damage to their existing teeth.

At Great River Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in Dubuque, IA, we understand the importance of maintaining a quality smile, which starts with their first tooth and follows them through adulthood. Teens can often hide their discomfort or pain in order to avoid wisdom teeth extraction, so as a parent, you need to keep them on track. Find out more about this procedure or schedule their appointment by calling our office today!

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth, Anyway?

If we do not need our last set of molars, why do we grow them? This is one of the most common questions about wisdom teeth, and the answer is that we have evolved over time. Wisdom teeth are a holdover from when we needed more jaw strength to chew raw meat, and as we started cooking our food, our faces started to become slimmer. Our jaws now have less room for these last teeth, and their growth can cause harm to your teen’s existing smile.

Untreated wisdom teeth development can lead to serious change in their alignment, and for many adolescents, it comes right after they have completed orthodontic treatment. After all of that time and effort, you want to make sure that their smile stays beautiful. Extracting wisdom teeth can help protect their smile from these shifts.

Our Steps In Patient Comfort During Treatment

At our office, we understand that oral surgery is not always the most fun situation for any teen. That is why we take every measure that we can to give them a comfortable experience during and after wisdom teeth removal. This starts with teaching your child the importance of the procedure so that they have a better understanding of their needs.

With professional training surrounding both anesthesia and surgery, you can feel comfortable knowing that your teen is in capable hands. We will give them a detailed explanation of how to manage their aftercare, helping them to recover after their extractions.

Schedule Their Appointment With Great River OMS!

Wisdom teeth removal is an important step for many teens, and holding off on this procedure can put their smile at risk. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, speak with our team at Great River Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with a call to our locations in Dubuque at (563) 557-1440, Clinton at (563) 259-4349and Platteville at (608) 348-8955.