What to Expect During Your Oral Surgery Consultation

What to Expect During Your Oral Surgery Consultation

oral surgery Manchester IAIf you are facing your first oral surgery procedure, such as wisdom tooth extraction or dental implant placement, the process might seem overwhelming or intimidating to you. However, when you are prepared for what to expect at the initial consultation, it can go a long way toward easing any fears or concerns that you may have.

At the initial oral surgery consultation, the oral surgeon will be evaluating your case to gather the information needed to develop the treatment plan. The surgeon will visually examine your teeth and jaw. Additionally, because the target of this type of surgery is often either the jaw bone or an impacted tooth, the oral surgeon will also take x-rays to get a better view of the surgical field. The surgeon may also take photographs, both to assist with the treatment plan and also to provide a “before” image to compare with the results after treatment is complete.

Your oral surgeon will also educate you on your sedation options for maximum comfort during the procedure. You may also receive some instructions on how to prepare for your sedation. For example, patients who get IV sedation or general anesthesia will need to fast after a certain time prior to the surgery. Patients will also need to plan for a responsible adult to escort them home after the appointment, as the sedative’s effects will not have reversed completely by then, making it unsafe for the patient to drive.

The office staff will also collect your insurance information at your consultation. With their expertise, our billing staff will work to maximize your coverage so that you can have the lowest out-of-pocket expense possible. You can also get information on the payment options accepted by our practice for any costs that do end up being your responsibility.

We stress that your oral surgery consultation should not involve any pain or discomfort for you, so there is no need for any dental anxiety in advance of this appointment. If you need any additional information to prepare for your appointment, please feel free to call our office!