Digital Imaging Can Enhance Patient Care

Digital Imaging Can Enhance Patient Care

oral surgery ManchesterWhen it comes to diagnosing oral health conditions or determining a patient’s need for certain oral surgery procedures, radiography (X-rays) is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools our oral surgeons have. Because X-rays provide an in-depth look of the oral cavity of tissues that are not visible to the naked eye, our doctors can provide accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for our patients. In addition to the important nature of X-rays in an oral surgery practice, our office is equipped to produce state-of-the-art digital imaging.

Dental imaging does not require radiographic film to produce X-ray images. Instead, digital images are displayed on monitors or televisions. This type of imaging method offers a more comprehensive view of the oral cavity along with an unprecedented amount of control with the image itself. For example, after an X-ray is taken, our team can enhance certain areas of the image by zooming in. Digital images are incredibly useful when an interdisciplinary team such as orthodontists or general practice physicians work with our practice because digital images can be sent to another doctor instantaneously.

This technology is also useful for our patients. When establishing a diagnosis or treatment plan, our team can show our patients the results of their radiography in close detail to help educate them about their condition or future treatment needs.

Like traditional radiography, digital X-rays display important features of the oral cavity such as bone mass and the roots of teeth. This information is especially valuable to our oral surgeons when determining where to place dental implants or diagnosing oral cancers.

An additional benefit to digital imaging is a lessened impact on the environment because radiographic film is not utilized and therefore does not need to be disposed of or transported.

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