Dental Implants Offer A Long-term, Permanent Solution

Dental Implants Offer A Long-term, Permanent Solution

oral surgery ManchesterDid you know that it is possible to enjoy permanent replacement teeth that do not require repair or replacement for decades (or even a lifetime)? After tooth loss, many folks feel disappointed and disillusioned with their prosthetic options. This is because traditional prosthetics have historically required frequent replacement because their construction only addresses the loss of the biting surfaces of teeth.

Fortunately, dental implants offer a method for replacing an entire missing tooth’s structure, including the roots. Receiving dental implants involves an oral surgery to embed a titanium post into the jawbone and after a recovery period, a permanent prosthetic such as a dental crown or bridge is attached.

Why are dental implants so long lasting?

Dental implants are long lasting because of their construction and the way the body reacts to the materials from which implants are made. An implant is a titanium post that is shaped like a cylinder. With ridged texture, it is loaded into the jawbone through an oral surgery procedure. Titanium is a metal that is biocompatible with the body. This means the body won’t reject titanium as a foreign object and with time, bone mass will literally fuse to the titanium post.  With bone mass holding them in place, implants will be stable for decades to come, much like a tooth’s root.

Dental implants also protect bone health by preventing the atrophy of jawbone, an issue that commonly affects patients with tooth loss. By maintaining bone structure, patients existing biological teeth will be supported and prosthetic crowns and bridges will need less replacement over time.

Will my smile look and feel natural?

After the tooth replacement process is complete and the permanent prosthetic is attached, patients will enjoy a new tooth that feels natural and can look very lifelike depending on which material is chosen for the bridge or crown. Patients who choose porcelain or porcelain fused to metal enjoy the most natural look. Since crowns and bridges are custom made, they will fit perfectly between teeth and over the gums. They are also flossed and brushed like natural teeth.

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