Dental Implants: An investment worth smiling about

Dental Implants: An investment worth smiling about

implant dentistry DubuqueImplant dentistry offers patients a durable, long-term solution for tooth loss. When cared for properly, dental implants can last for decades, possibly presenting a lifelong replacement for a missing tooth.

Despite the many advantages of implant dentistry in comparison to alternatives like dental bridges and dentures, some patients may initially be put off by the price tag of dental implants. However, it’s important for patients to consider long-term outcomes when deciding on a tooth replacement treatment.

It can be tempting to base a choice for replacement teeth solely on price, but patients also should consider what they get for that price. Dental implants represent a long-term investment, while other appliances may need to be replaced repeatedly over the years. Therefore, what seems to be a bargain at first can end up costing patients more in the long run. [pullquote]Dental implants do much more than fill in the empty space in the smile.[/pullquote]

Dental implants do much more than fill in the empty space in the smile. When an oral surgeon places a dental implant, the device does not just support a crown, bridge or denture. It also stabilizes the jawbone, which wears away after the tooth’s root is lost.

That process of jawbone atrophy causes other appliances to lose their fit as the jaw’s contour changes. A denture may need to be refitted, or a patient may need to get an entirely new denture after several years, at his or her own expense, of course.

Patients may also want to postpone replacing the tooth at all as a cost-saving measure, but that approach, too, is likely to hit the wallet harder than a more proactive stance would. Waiting to replace a missing tooth can create the need for more expensive interventions, such as a bone graft, after some period of time.

Additionally, dental implants stand alone and have minimal physical impact on surrounding teeth. In comparison, a dental bridge requires support from crowns placed on neighboring teeth. The process of crown placement requires healthy enamel to be removed from the tooth, and that can compromise the tooth and eventually lead to the need for other interventions.

Dental implants can be a long-term investment in a beautiful, functional, fully restored smile. To learn more about your tooth replacement options, contact any of our four convenient locations to schedule your visit.