What are the benefits of a Temporary Orthodontic Anchorage Device?

What are the benefits of a Temporary Orthodontic Anchorage Device?

oral surgery ClintonA temporary orthodontic anchorage device is used to facilitate the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment. In many cases, a temporary orthodontic anchorage device (TAD) can replace the need for external appliances such as headgear. This means that receiving a TAD is a very discreet method of providing your orthodontist more control over the movement of teeth during treatment.

If your orthodontist determines that a TAD is necessary, he or she will refer you to our oral surgery practice. An oral surgeon is a dental specialist who has an additional four to six years of training and education to provide treatment that affects the mouth and maxillofacial region. There are a number of benefits to receiving a TAD that improve both the appearance and functionality of a smile.

Why is a TAD necessary?

A TAD may be necessary to enhance tooth movement or stop unwanted tooth movement when wearing braces and other orthodontic appliances. Temporary orthodontic anchorage devices can improve a patient’s occlusion (bite) and help isolate a particular tooth or series of teeth that requires more or less movement than neighboring teeth.

How is a TAD placed and removed?

A TAD is placed by performing minor intraoral surgery. The TAD is anchored to teeth by small dental implants or plates in the jawbone. Patients receiving a TAD only require mild anesthesia and will return to our practice for the device’s removal. When performing oral surgery, our team places a high priority on patient comfort. We utilize anesthetic medication to alleviate pain and help promote relaxation during treatment.

Will this device be noticeable to others?

Compared to external appliances that are worn on the head or face, a TAD is incredibly discreet. This is because its parts are located inside the mouth near the roots of teeth. Many patients who have received this method of treatment enjoy the fact that TADs are inconspicuous yet effective.

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